makeup artist review: milamajormua

This past New Years I decided to get my makeup done and yes I could’ve done it myself but I just wanted to. I have been following this makeup artist for a while and I just really loved her work. She was very professional and talked to me and I felt very comfortable with her. She was sanitary and used top of the line products. I’m so excited she’s one of my first Houston surrounding M.U.A to beat my face. The whole process she made sure I was okay and along the way she asked me what look I wanted to achieve. I highly recommend getting your makeup done by her. Her custom lashes are EVERYTHING.  She books fast and you have to be able to book 2 weeks in advance for your needs. Price -80$ Worth it? Every penny. My makeup stayed all night. With this Texas weather it wasn’t really cold and I was outside for most of the time and I didn’t crease at all. It was fabulous. Follow her on instagram for inspiration  ➡️ @milamajormua



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