lit or shit: january

So this month I tried a new product that I found a lot of beauty you-tubers using and it’s the Clinique: Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. At first I thought this product can’t be that great so I put it to the test. I woke up early one morning before work to actually look like a decent member of society and put a full face of makeup on. This was at 10am and then I ended up getting home around 8pm ish. I was excited to get home to see if this “makeup melter” really worked. It has a weird waxy look to it but as soon as you put some on your fingers it’s very oil feeling. I put my index finger and middle finger in the product and it’s shaped like a circle so all I did was a circle motion and applied little dots on all areas of my face. I then started using circle motions all over. I could even open my eyes with this remover to see what I was doing in the mirror and it didn’t burn at all. Usually when I’m using a makeup remover of some type it burns like hell but this one was like a unicorn; so magical. I had a matte liquid lipstick on that day and THE MAGIC UNICORN MAKEUP REMOVER TOOK IT ALL OFF IN TWO LITTLE SWIPES. I was fascinated with this product that I surprisingly didn’t look like a bum the whole week because I was so excited to get home and wash my face off. Here’s something else that is important. You apply this straight to your face. No water before just the product. For it having an oily look my face was not oily at all. I say this product is LIT!!! The cost of this unicorn magic is $29.00 and you get 4.2 ounces. I would have to admit that it’s a little on the pricey side but it’s definitely worth it.

Next month for the lit or shit post I will be testing out the infamous silicone sponge!!!!!!!

(P.S As soon as I get my camera fixed these images will be my personal ones)


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