weekend snapshot jan.20-22

This past weekend came and gone like nothing. I swear just yesterday I was getting off work excited for my weekend break. I try not to make my Monday’s so dreadful but by the end of the day I’m counting down till my weekend break is back. This past weekend I really just relaxed. I went to dinner with my love on Friday. We went to my favorite pizza spot, Crust Co. I definitely recommend a date with your boo thang at this place. We finally had time to start Game Of Thrones, so I am already obsessed with the show. The only downside is they release a bunch of characters all at once so I am still trying to get the names down. Saturday we enjoyed craw fish together and watched more Game Of Thrones. Sunday’s for me are work and family time. I go to work in the morning and the rest of the day is spent with the family. My Mom made some delicious enchiladas. I decided I wanted to treat my parents to the movies and that’s what we did. Double date with my three loves. Split was our choice and it was really good. There ended up being a crying baby in our theater so we scored some tickets to see some movies for free. It also wouldn’t be a weekend if I didn’t buy something beauty related. The gal helping me find the lipstick I went in for told me they were out of everything I wanted and then she said “Do you want to get your hands on a new Kat Von D shade that we haven’t got the display for?’ YESSSSSSS. I walked out with the new shade  Hawkwind. That’s my weekend in a snapshot.


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