Carli Bybel Palette X BH Cosmetics Review

I purchased this palette from my nearest Ulta two weeks ago. I may be late on getting my hands on it but I did. I paid $14.00 for it and that’s a bargain. The palette comes with 5 matte shades, 5 shimmering shades, and 4 highlighters. It also has a mirror in the inside, so that’s a nice touch. The shadows blend nicely but I had to apply a lot of the shadow for me to get the color to really pop. However the highlighters were all really beautiful! I like to use from left to right the first two to highlight on all my usual places which are top of my cheekbone, little above the brow, the center of my nose, and above my lips. The other two shades I use between my actual highlight and contour because the shades are more bronze than the others. The eye shadows are very pretty neutral shades and I would say are everyday use. Overall I am going to rate this a solid 7. I wish there wasn’t a lot of fall out. I normally apply for eye shadow before foundation so if you do it the opposite I suggest using shadow shields. If you can find it at your nearest Ulta or online then I say it’s a steal.

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