My Right Hand, My Go To

I first started wearing makeup junior and senior year of high school. You know that not so blended eye shadow and hideous eyeliner? That was me. Over the years I have progressed and till this day I am still learning new things about makeup. One thing that I will always feel naked without and are my favorite piece to a makeup look are lashes. I love that way you can make a look simple or bold. To me, lashes complete a look. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pairs. Depending on my lashes if they aren’t too full I double stack the lashes, then I cut them and add individual lashes to make them fuller. Here are my go to lashes. Email me some of your favorite lashes! I would love to try some new ones.



Eylure: Vegas Nay Grand Glamor Lashes $7.99


Salon Perfect: 614 Lashes $2.98


Dodo: D105 Lashes $5.00


Violet Voss: All The Wispy Ladies Lashes $10.00


Eylure: Krazyrayray lashes $8.99


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