weekend snapshot jan.27-29

This past weekend was pretty simple. Friday was a house warming fiesta that involved walking tacos, jarritos, margaritas, and good company. Saturday I did makeup on a beautiful soon to be bride and also got to catch up on some sleep. I went to my boyfriends house because his parents invited me over for dinner. They really are the sweetest to me and I am so glad I get along with them. Eduardo told me that he wanted to take me somewhere I love almost as much as him and Harry Potter. As soon as we took the exit I knew we were going to Target. I got to pick out a new top and he didn’t complain that I spent forever in the dollar section in the front. Simple dates to Target are my favorite. My best friend and I have been to 85% of the Targets around the Houston areas. We are obsessed with that store. Sunday I went to work and I started a new show called Nashville and now I am in love with it. I have started on Game of Thrones but I watch that with my boyfriend and I needed a new show to watch just for myself. I spent the rest of the day with my family and slept some more. I start working out twice a day for six days so I really needed to catch up on some sleep. That’s my weekend in a snapshot.


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