Allie’s Top 3

Another beautiful woman I personally know, adore, and follow on Instagram is Allie Puerto. She is also a self-taught makeup artist and she rocks at what she does. Definitely gives me that YAS factor every time I see her makeup. I wanted to know her 3 products she couldn’t live without and here are what they are.

1. Stila One Step Correct Primer

“It keeps my makeup in place. It balances your skin, controls oils, hydrates skin without making you oily, counteracts any redness and or discoloration, evens skin tone and smoothes the skin by closing pores to prevent bacteria coming in. Best primer for oily skin but works on all skin types!”

2.Eylure Lashes in No.126

” They are $4.99! Light weight, reusable, and look glamorous, look great with any look.”

3.RCMA No Color Powder

“First of all it’s only $10, 3 ounces which is a lot, lasts a long time (still have the same one I bought last year around feb or march) it sets your makeup without making you look cakey. Does not give flashback, good for any skin tone.”

Why do you enjoy being a makeup artist?

“It is rewarding to see how creative you can get with each client. It makes me happy to see the reaction on a client’s face after I finish my work and seeing how excited they are. I thoroughly enjoy each process and it feels amazing to give a boost of confidence to someone who didn’t have it before they sat on my chair. It’s a passion I wouldn’t change for the world.”

Follow this beauty on Instagram: @apuerto90 (personal) @makeupbyalliee (makeup page)


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