Spots around Houston: Crust Pizza Co.

Last year when I turned twenty-six, I wanted to have my birthday dinner someplace other than Mexican food or BWW ( we have had it at these places for the past few years) I decided I wanted something affordable and cozy. I chose Crust Co. This place is very nice and charming in the inside. They serve pasta, wings, salads, but most importantly PIZZA. The pizza is cut into squares, the dough is very thin, and the crust is nice and crispy. A plus side is they always have manager specials all day. I love that the pizza isn’t greasy and the toppings are fresh. Out of all the pizzas that we have tried, Big Don and Mr. Potato Head are our favorites. One has all meats and the other taste like a baked potato. If you aren’t too full they do sell dessert. The ice-cream cookie sandwich is epic. They even plate it all fancy so you know that picture you take is going to be fire. At Crust Co. you order your food then you pick a seat and the staff brings you your food. When we go on the weekend its pretty busy but people are constantly moving. On average my boyfriend or I spend about forty bucks. That’s salad, pizza, and a shared dessert. The bathrooms are always clean and the staff there is really friendly. Whether its date night or you just want to take the family out for dinner, Crust Co. is the perfect spot. If I had to rate this place it would be a 10 out of 10. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think! I am going to list the specific location I go to below. I am also going to be trying different spots for new date nights when I have a cheat meal. I am on a diet so when those come I will share!

P.S- National Pizza Day is on February 9th

Till next time


Crust Co.
3535 Rayford Road
Suite 600
Spring,  TX  77386



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