Current Foundation Review

I am a big fan of drug store makeup. I feel like it doesn’t matter what makeup brand you use as long as you love it. So for the past two months I have been using the Milani Conceal+Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation in the shade 04 Medium Beige. The coverage is full and it doesn’t feel heavy on the face. I will say that it does dry fast on the face so I wouldn’t recommend letting it sit on the face for too long. The trick that I love to add with it is three drops of the Pixi rose oil. I always add it!!!! It is life!!!! I have combination skin and it stays on my face from morning till night. It blends nice with my sponge. I do a few pumps on this tile my boyfriend painted me and I love that thing because it is easy to clean and I can mix everything on it. I then add three drops of the Pixi oil and mix it up with the foundation. Then I apply dots all over my face and dab the mixture all over my skin evenly. Another thing I love about this foundation is the pump on it. Sanitation is important, especially when you’re applying something on your face. I love that I can just clean the pump and close the cap. A little of this foundation goes a long way so that can be a reminder if you do purchase it. It is a thick foundation but I think that’s because it works as a concealer as well. I wouldn’t let that discourage you from trying it. I still have to apply some concealer. I am a makeup artist so when I do not wear something that I am used to I feel weird. Maybe that’s just me but, I still add it. SPF isn’t in the foundation and to me that’s a good thing because that means no flashback in pictures. Last but not least one of my favorite things about this foundation is that it is only ten bucks! The only downside to this is that there are very few shades. I definitely would give this foundation a try and if you like it let me know how it worked for you.


Till next time


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