When you meet someone who shows you there’s more to life than what you see on the surface, he is a keeper. E came into my life at the perfect time. Something from my last relationship broke me and I didn’t believe I could love someone the way he loves me. His smile brightens up my rough day. The relationship I have with him is why he is my favorite person. I can be in the car singing country or rapping a song at the loudest my voice can possibly go to and he is right there singing or rapping with me. We do this thing where we talk in the most annoying way to each other and if someone actually saw us then they would think we had major problems but we don’t really care. Everyday he tells me I am beautiful and half of the time I have my natural-born skin on. I am comfortable with him and he is my open diary. There hasn’t been one memory he has been absent from. The day his parents met mine was one of the best days of my life. He sees the best in me. He does this game of “what if”and the scenarios make me wanna pull my hair out because I would never do half of them. I don’t think I could ever really tell the world how much I adore this man. He is younger than me but if you actually talked to him you would see he is just trapped in a young body. The gym is not my favorite place but he has made it my place to take my anger out. I am a healthier me and I know he won’t take the credit but when I want to give up, he is right there. Pushing me to go harder. He doesn’t do really big gestures but every single small thing he does always has a special place in my heart. He supports me and I think that is the best feeling to have. If I want to play with makeup and have an idea in my head he let’s me practice on him. He gave me a promise ring when we made a year together. He grabbed both of my hands and looked into my eyes and said a list of promises to me. I think he had to rehearse that in the mirror because there were a million butterflies in my stomach and a knot in my throat. As I stared at him tell me those promises, I knew that every-time I looked in my future I would always see him in it. He has kept every single promise since then and I know he intends on keeping them. Sure we have our share of problems, but we take them as they come. Communication is key for us. If there is a problem, we address it then and there. Holding things in can cause more harm than the problem you had at hand. I love the person he is and I love the person he brings out in me. Be with a person who brings you happiness. So when you have those days wearing the same clothes and unwashed hair, he still glazes at you and tells you how beautiful you are. The one that makes you smile by saying the most inappropriate comments. Let’s be real, deep down we have another side. *wink wink* It’s having a person by your side that you can picture the rest of your life with. It’s loving someone more each day because they still give you butterflies like the first day you saw them. E, you have my heart.






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