Happy Galentines

Today is a day to spend with your girls. It’s definitely a day to just relax and give each other new chisme. (spanish term for gossip) For the past five years my best friend and I have celebrated this memorial day. This past year we really haven’t spent that much time together but when we are together I really enjoy being with her. I have been best friends with her since 2008. We met at JC Penney’s and the only good thing to come out of working there is our friendship. This year we celebrated it a little early only because we couldn’t wait till today to see the new Fifty Shades Darker. We went to eat some mexican food before our movie. She had the usual enchilada plate and since I am eating better I got a meal that had a ton of protein and veggies. I really wanted the usual burrito but eh I glad I got what I did. We talked and caught up with life. I gave her a cute little cookie with her name, a liquid lipstick, and a highlighter. I also got my closest friends the same thing. Then we headed to Showbiz. Our movie was at 9:35pm and we got our tickets for the SDX theater and the seats in there are roomy and comfortable! We were so excited to see this movie. We read all the books so after the first movie came out we couldn’t wait to see the next. Two years later the day was finally here. The movie came out Friday the 10th but for those that don’t know, any new movie that comes out they usually play it the day before starting at 7pm. We were obsessed. I wish they would’ve shown a little more from the second book but I guess that’s what books are for. Nine times out of ten the books are always better than the movies. That’s how we spent our Galentines together. I hope that you get to spend a little time with your best friend or group of friends that you love and adore.

Till next time



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