My Current Morning Smoothie

I have been drinking this smoothie for a week now and it is so good. My new diet has a certain amount of calories. I drink this smoothie in the morning after I go to the gym and run a mile or two. I don’t have lunch just a light snack and this smoothie definitely helps keep me full. I am no nutritionist. I am just a gal working towards reaching my goals and becoming healthy.


-1&1/2 cup of blueberries: can be fresh or frozen

-1 cup of 0% milk: use any milk you like

-1 whole banana

-5.3 ounces of plain Greek yogurt: that’s roughly a little over half a cup

-1 scoop of isolate protein: this is optional. I have a certain amount of calories I have to eat and adding this helps me make those calories to keep me full till dinner.

-1 tbsp of chia seeds

-1 tbsp of flax seeds

I blend this up in my blender and drink it. It taste really good. It takes time out of my morning but it’s a better choice than choosing fast food. It keeps me pretty full. I do have a small snack around 3pm so when I get off work and head to the gym and go home to eat dinner. I am having this same smoothie this week. Next week I am doing a new one I’ll be sure to share.

Till next time



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