Morphe Eye Shadow Palettes Review

When I went on a road trip to California a few years back, the Morphe store in Burbank was one of the places on my list to go to. I know now that they opened another store but let me tell you, this place was far away. I remember I bought a couple of brushes (that I still have) and the 35O and the Jaclyn Hill palette. The pigmentation and longevity of these shadows with my experience, using a primer on the lid works the best. That’s with every Morphe palette that I own. I just find that when I don’t use a primer the eye shadows fade and I can’t get enough pigmentation out of them. There are some shadows that don’t need a primer and those are mostly the shimmer shadows. I find for me they blend very nicely and are very creamy to the touch. I don’t get much fallout (only with the shimmer eye shadows), and I find the colors again can blend very seamlessly with one another. Overall, these palettes are a hit for me. I would definitely recommend them for makeup artists kits and beginners who are wanting to play with a ton of colors. Some of the palettes are amazing for neutral day-to-day looks. Other palettes with crazy colors can be used for Halloween or even a funky night-time look. They’re affordable, have a variety of shades for all skin types, and the eye shadows are very nice to work with! All I would suggest is investing in a good primer and you are on your way! I own four total now and anytime I get the chance to order more I do. Try a palette out for yourself. I know that if you live in Houston the Makeup Project does sell some of their palettes.

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