New Year New Books

This year I wanted to read more. I used to love that in high school and in the beginning of college. Just pick up a book and get lost in the pages. Last year I set to read 20 new books and I reached that goal by August so this year I wanted to really test myself. I am on my 5th book out of the 50 I plan on reading. I don’t have an exact set on the 50 that I plan on reading because new books are always being published as well as old books that I would like to catch up on. I do however have some in mind that I am going to try to find from Half Price Book Store. I love that place. I am going to list the 5 that I have read so far. I would personally say that each of these books are way different from one another.

  • The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. This was the first book I have ever read that just made you feel really good. It is a series of 28 days to a better you. You practice her words day by day. I tried it and it felt liberating. I was really stressed out and there was another book by this author that I was going to buy but the cashier said I suggest you read The Magic first. So we switched them and I did just that. I loved this book and I will be reading more by this author.


  • Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. This book was the complete opposite of the first book I read. It was a few chapters long and each chapter told a new story with her own sketches to go along with it. She really dug deep into each chapter and the story made you feel like you were there. The pain, the heartache, the happiness, and the lesson in the book you really do feel. At the end I wanted more. Definitely a must read.


  • The Dinner by Herman Koch. This book also took a new direction in my list. It is listed as a suspenseful/thriller book and that’s just what it was. I couldn’t put it down. It really kept me on the edge of my couch. I can’t say much about this book without giving it away but both families will do everything to keep their loved ones safe. I think I read somewhere that this book was going to be a movie this year and I can’t wait to see it.


  • The Oxygen Thief by Anonymous. This book has the ultimate fuck boy in it. He doesn’t kill anyone but the stuff he does and the happiness he gets out of doing it is sickening. The overall story is great but the ending is… You’re going to have to just read this just to see how the ending is.


  • Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. If you knew her from twilight and now know her from the hilarious Pitch Perfect movies, you’ll really get to know her after you read this book. I felt like we were in my living room and she was telling me stories from these personal essays. It’s funny and charming. I love reading books like these. Last year I read Girl Boss, Bossy Pants and Yes Please. All of these made me love the people behind them even more.


Till next time


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