Weekend Snapshot Feb.18-19

Friday: I went to the gym in the morning with my sister. We had a good workout. After our workout we went to Smoothie King and it was the first time I ever had this. I am now addicted to Blueberry Heaven. On Fridays the medium size smoothies are only 5$. When I got off work I had a date night with my boyfriend. We picked up a ham and cheese no sauce Little Caesar’s Pizza. We also picked up Girl On The Train and The Accountant. I loved both of the movies. After our date night I had to wash all my makeup brushes.

Saturday: I cleaned and then got ready to go and do makeup for a wedding. I stopped at Smoothie King. Blueberry Heaven is so addicting. After I got done with makeup, my boyfriend met me at my house and we went to get something to eat. I went shopping for new clothes for my trip. I found cute tops, new shorts, and a brand new bathing suit. I leave to Florida for spring break in 20 days. We chilled at my house for the rest of the night.

Sunday: I went to work and guess what I had for breakfast/lunch? Blueberry Heaven. I spent the rest of the day with Eduardo. I went shopping for more of my vacation. Target had the V-Necks on sale 2 for $16 and then an additional 25% off.  Pretty easy Sunday. That’s my weekend in a snapshot.

Until next time



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