My Lovely Valentine

This past 14th of the month I got to spend with my boyfriend. He told me in advance that he had something planned and the fact that I didn’t need to be fixated on this date was exciting. He picked me up from work and showed up with balloons, a card, and a Pandora bag. He opened up the car door and told me to open up my card. I did and after reading it my heart was filled with love. I opened up the Pandora box and inside were a beautiful pair of earrings. There was a little note inside that said, “so your ears are never naked and you don’t feel like a boy.” Side note: When I don’t wear earrings I told him I feel like a little boy. I always want to wear earrings and now he got me a pair I can always wear. I gave him my gift and he loved it. A new wallet, a gym bag, a watch, and a new shirt. We then headed towards downtown and he said he was taking me to someplace that I’ve never been. We pull into valet parking of The Aquarium. It was so beautiful. We didn’t have to wait because he already made reservations. We enjoyed our bacon wrapped shrimp appetizer. Then we went on our meals and I had the Louisiana Cajun Pasta and he had this platter of different types of fish. Then he ordered a dessert that took 20 minutes to bake. It was a molten lava type cake with vanilla ice cream on top. When we left back to valet I thought our date was over and he pulled two tickets out from his wallet for the Ferris Wheel. I love that he planned everything and took the time out to think of something else to do after dinner. I love this man so much. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the people you love.

Until next time



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