Mask Monday: Biore Charcoal Self Heating Minute Mask

My sister and I wanted to do a face mask and it so happened that our boyfriends were both here together. So we all four did it together. We used the Biore Charcoal self heating one minute mask. It said to help eliminate pores. Each box comes with four masks and that helps with knowing how much to use for your face. I give this mask a six out of a ten. It feels like your face is super hot when you first apply it put then cools down instantly. I decided for us all to leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then we massaged this in and you can instantly feel your pores moving around. When we all washed it off, we could still see major pores around the nose but it did make our faces feel better. I guess why they invented pore strips specifically for the nose. I purchased this from my local CVS and it was $6.49. I would say that this was worth the price. I personally would’ve preferred for it to be a peel off to really get the pores off. I don’t have too many pores but my boyfriend does tend to get them a lot and after I used the mask mine were few to none but for him they were heavily around his nose and a little around the cheeks. I am trying another mask next week so tune in to see what else I try.

Until next time



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