Weekend Snapshot Feb.24-26

Friday: I got off work and went to meet my parents, sister, and close family to eat dinner  because they wanted to take my parents out for my Dads birthday since they weren’t here for his to spend it with him. We ate at Italiano’s and it was so good and worth my cheat meal. We went home after and played another game of Yahtzee. We’re almost done with the whole back card.

Saturday: I went running in the morning and then got ready for a day of shopping with my boyfriend. He needed to get all of his stuff for our trip we are taking in almost ten days. After hours and hours of shopping he was finally done. We came home and just chilled the rest of the night. We got a new Amazon fire stick and it has all the new movies on it. The Founder is such a good movie!!

Sunday: I woke up not feeling well so I didn’t get to work. I woke up around two in the afternoon and got ready to head to mass. After church I went to get smoothies with my boyfriend and then he came over and we watched a movie. He had to go home early because he had exams to study for. I decided to watch an entire 15 episodes with my sister of Degrassi. I really missed that show. That’s my weekend in a snapshot.

Until next time



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