Pieces of Esswest

-my mom picked my name from a show called Who’s the Boss?

-i am starting my eighth book for the year out of my goal. fifty

-houston is my home. i thought i wanted to live in cali but then i took a trip there

-my favorite place to be is in bed. not necessarily sleeping. just being in bed

-target is my store best friend

-esswest is something that has a meaning. the ess is from the first letter of my name “s” and the west comes from me loving the west coast and kanye being one of my favorite rappers

-my first lipstick was from avon

-i admire happiness

-i love myself. i’m still learning how to though

-flowers make me happy. not getting them because i can’t seem to keep them alive. just seeing them

-every harry potter movie makes my soul happy

-grey’s anatomy, the office, gossip girl, dexter. i can watch these seasons over and over again

-the lakers will always have a special place in my heart. miss you mamba

-football is a sport i will never ever understand

-false lashes >

-taking cruises are my favorite way to travel

-i know every little mermaid song by heart. i watch this movie every time i see a scary one and can’t sleep

-college is taking me a little longer to finish than i thought. i’m still determined

-my best friends full initials are all one letter. N

-i eat my food in order. if i have a burger, i will eat the bun then the next thing and so forth till i get to the final bun. it drives my family crazy

-i have an obsession with notebooks. pens as well

-god is good all the time and all the time, god is good

-i love movies. hulu, netflix, and amazon prime are always a good idea

-camping is soothing

-i suck at texting back

-leggings are pants

-my family is very important to me

-makeup is something that I am passionate about

-i pick my scabs. i have more than enough scars to prove it

-the gym has been one of my favorite places to go to lately

-my spanish is still a work in progress

-i believe that karma does come around to get you. good or bad

-i have five kiddos that have been apart of my life for five years. i’ve watched them grow up and when i am no longer in their lives everyday, i know they will be in my life/heart forever

-once a month i always pay for the person behind me. starbucks, food place, beltway money, etc…

-i will give you the shirt off my back and let my rolls show if you needed it

-losing weight for me is hard. i am more than determined to lose it. as of this month i lost ten pounds

-i love kids. i don’t have any and i am not ready for them but you never really are

just a bunch of randomness. hope you enjoyed

till next time



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