Affordable Hair Care

I can remember back when my mom didn’t let me do anything to my hair I until senior year. I was in cosmetology and all these girls were doing crazy things to their hair and I was so upset that I couldn’t do anything until the end of my senior year. When it came time to do my hair, I went crazy with highlights and that was it. My hair was no longer a virgin. Over the years I have done a lot of color to my hair. Red back to blonde back to brunette etc. This past year when I decided to go back to being blonde I really had damaged hair. So last year at the beginning of the year I got a major hair trim and decided to do a little bit of peekaboo highlights. Then closer to the end of the year I decided that I wanted highlights all over my head and that is what I went to go get done. My hair was so fried after that. There was a ton of breakage and I just think that I had done so much stuff to my hair, that my hair finally just said nope I do not want to do this again and that’s basically what it did. The next week after I got it done I hadn’t applied any heat to my hair because it was so broken. So I started using this hair cream that was very thick and I literally would take a shower and apply this cream in my hair and leave it in overnight and then the next day I would wash it out and just kept repeating it. And that cream saved my hair. My boyfriends sister gave me a jar and then I told her I was running out and asked her where could I buy it and she said Sally’s, I showed up the next day and she had a new jar for me so I never went to the store but this jar helped save my hair and recently I wanted to share another product that I absolutely love. One day I was with my sister and we wanted to go by shampoos that were on sale at CVS, so we’re looking at this table full of hair products and we find this Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner. I hate conditioner, I never apply it to my hair and if I do I only applied at the ends. My hair gets greasy very fast and I just don’t like the way it looks or feels. So I was skeptical in buying this product but I went ahead and spent the four dollars. So this product is said to help with straightening your hair, it smoothes your hair, helps you with breakage and makes your hair just overall feel better. So when I shower and my hair is damp after I brushed it, I separate my hair into two sections and apply a dime size amount on one hand and work it through from the root to my ends. Then I do the same thing with the next section of my hair. When the instructions told me that I needed to apply at the root, I was very skeptical because again everything makes my hair greasy because my hair isn’t very thick. After I applied it, I went to sleep and woke up the next day with my hair feeling absolutely amazing. I straightened it and my hair looked flawless and very shiny. I wish I had bought more of this product that was on sale that day but luckily I have good old Google that I was able to find more and order it. The hair mayonnaise that I used in the beginning when my hair was fried really helped my hair but it made my hair really greasy if I didn’t wash it correctly. My hair was really soft after I used it and it helped with the breakage. The Garnier Fructis has made my hair feel amazing. I don’t even have to wash it every day like I used to. I work out every day so I have to wash my hair but when I have my off days and I wash my hair in two days as opposed to everyday, my hair still looks really good. I definitely recommend these products. One of them is for hair breakage after you’ve done color or anything dramatic to your hair and the other is for making your hair have less breakage when you use heat on it like straighteners and curling iron’s. Both also just made my hair feel really good and look nice as well. Go and try out these products and let me know what you think! If you have any recommendations, send me an email and let me know what you love! I’m always down to try something new for my hair.

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