The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So let me start out by saying that I have been waiting years to come to this magical place. Especially going into this world being a muggle. Our whole group wore matching shirts. I don’t really care how packed it could possibly be, I was infatuated with this place. I loved every single thing. My first stop was passing through London and getting to experience the bus and Jamaican shrunken head. He was interactive. I also got in the phone booth and dialed M-A-G-I-C, and I won’t ruin the surprise but I would definitely be sure to stop by there. When you enter in the music puts you all in your feelings. It was magical. My next stop early this morning was to head to Olivander’s Wand Shop and pick up an interactive wand. I chose Hermione’s wand. I would definitely recommend picking up a wand first if you want to get one from the OG wand shop (Olivanders). The lines can get pretty long. I can say that this place was a sight to see. I felt like I was Harry in a world full of wonders. My experience made it feel as if I didn’t have to pay $54.00 for a wand. I loved it. You can go throughout both parks and use the wand to cast some spells. The next stop was to head straight to Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. This is the only ride in Diagon Alley and I wanted to be sure to not have too much wait time so that we could hit up some shops before heading to Hogwarts Express to enter Hogsmeade. The ride was amazing. It was a simulator but it did have a few drops and turns. We then checked out a few shops. I mostly bought some key chains. Not sure what it is about them but I enjoy looking at them. The dragon at Gringotts was a sight to see. Every 15 minutes it breathes fire and you sure can feel the heat if you are close enough. We then got on the Hogwarts train station. I have no words to describe what this felt like. I won’t give too much away but at one point when heading to the train if you stand far back enough it looks as if you’re walking through the wall to platform 9 3/4. All the staff here is very nice. We entered Hogsmeade and the snow rooftops were exactly how I pictured it. The castle was the main area where I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Our first stop was riding the Flight of the Hippogriff. It looks like a little kid ride but I can say that it went pretty fast. I even got my Mom to ride on it. She hates roller coasters but loved this one. You can see Hagrid’s house. “Oops I shouldn’t have said that.” We then decided to take a tour of the castle because the wait time was well over two hours. The paintings moved and you felt like you were dead center in Dumbledore’s office. As we walked around and visited shops we all decided to have some butter beer. Let me be one to say that this stuff was crack. I had mine frozen. It had the consistency of a slush and Eduardo had plain ol’ butter beer. I think his favorite part was the cream on top. Grabbing some of this is needed. I wasn’t up to ride the Dragon Challenge but this ride was my sisters favorite. I can go on and on about the shows and about everything I experienced but it still wouldn’t be enough. I loved every second of this world. I was so sad to leave but I will come back. Always.

until next time


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