Best Friends and Boyfriends

My best friend and I haven’t been seeing a lot of each other but that’s because we’re busy. We always pick back up where we left off. Sometimes I forget how much I miss her when we don’t hang out. When I met E things just changed. She knows that I have had previous boyfriends in the past and I never brought them around my friends or my family. It was just the two of us hanging out and sometimes V, her boyfriend would tag along but I didn’t mind, he’s funny. I loved that she didn’t make me feel like the third wheel, it was more like V was. No one will ever replace my best friend. We’ve been through a lot over the years. She has seen me hurt time after time. We had a road trip across the state and if I had to choose someone different to do it with it would still be her. I wanted to make this blog post to talk about the date we had yesterday but it kind of turned into me wanting to just let anyone know that taking dates apart from your boyfriend to make time for friends is important too. I know that people grow and no mind is alike so people tend to drift apart from one another but if you have had friendships that last a lifetime, why would you want to grow apart from that? Especially if that person is your best friend. Yes, I am the type that enjoys being with my boyfriend everyday but only because he feels the same way. Half of the time we’re just watching TV or having random dinners together. My point of this all is to have some type of balance to see your friends at least twice a month or more. I have failed to do that because I’ve been busy with work and other things but I am aware of it now and seeing her yesterday made me realize that I really missed her. Go out with your girls, catch a movie with your best friend, have an elote date, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. At the end of the day if you ever get married do you only want family as your bridesmaids? lol  On another note, my best friend and I planned a little walk around downtown. That walk turned into a 4 mile bike ride with getting lost in between. Another adventure down in the books for boobie and belly button.

until next time


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