Weekend Snapshot: Mar. 24-26th

Friday: I made shrimp cocktail and my Mom made fish. My family enjoyed our home-made lent meal.

Saturday: I woke up early to do a light glam on my face and then E picked me up and we headed to the movies to see Power Rangers. It definitely is a must see, especially if you grew up with the OG ones. I went back home and helped my mom and sister get ready for the Rodeo. By help I mean do their hair and makeup. Then I went to Chuy’s with E to have lunch. We walked to Ulta after that and bought some lashes one of my good friends recommended by Eylure. I can’t wait to try them out. Then we walked across to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look around. E has been spotting this portable waterproof speaker, so when he went to get the car I bought it for him. He deserved it and loved it. Later after the hot sun went down we rode bikes downtown. Then ended our long whole date with tacos at a place I have been going to since I was very young, Taqueria Del Sol.

Sunday: I went to work and spent the whole day after that sleeping. I was exhausted.

I have been needing to catch up on sleep. I had spring break for ten days and it was a road trip to Florida. I guess from getting up so early everyday, my body just needed to catch up on some Z’s. I am now back to my normal routine. There was a winner for my blog and the individual did respond to my email. I now have her address to send the package. Thanks to those that entered. I will have another giveaway so look out for that.

Until next time


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