Same shades different brands

I am all for letting my lip be bare but if I want to hook up my lips I throw on a liquid lipstick. That’s right. The only shade you should be throwing around should be on your lips. I highly recommend doing a lip scrub before hand and throwing on something to moisturize your lips. Before you apply your makeup do a lip scrub( if you don’t know how to make one I have a blog post on that) then apply some type of chap stick, while you’re doing your makeup your lips can set in that moisturizer. The First liquid lipstick I absolutely love is by Smashbox cosmetics in the shade “Stepping Out.” I have bought this three times since it came out and each time it is heaven. This shade is a pinky-deep-nude. One swipe on the top and one on the bottom is always enough. I can also say from my experience that when I eat with it on, it tends to stay on. I can wear it with anything. I love this shade. Another versatile shade that I finally got my hands on is by Kat Von D cosmetics in the shade “Bow and Arrow.” This shade is nude with brown tints. I fell in love with Amanda Ensing wearing this one day on an Instagram post and I knew I had to have it. The formula for this brand goes really well on but throughout the day it tends to fade a bit and by night-time it looks as if I have Chola lip liner on. I can however layer it without having to take it off. I guess you can say it tends to fade sheer. I still love this color. The last shade that I really love is from Stila cosmetics in the shade “Patina.” It is a deep plum shade. I really like the formula on their stay all day liquid lipsticks. When I ate with this one the only problem area was the center rubbing off. If I applied more onto what was on my lips it would get crusty. So if you do want to apply more, I would suggest to take it all off then apply more. I guess all three shades are similar but each brand has its own formula. I usually always have one of these on when I do decide on a lip color. Try and get your hands on these if you can. Email me some of you favorite shades to try at , I would love to try more.

Until next time


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