Current Update

I have really been neglecting my blog. Sometimes on purpose. I usually write posts in a notebook and then I type them up on here. I have seven new posts written down, I just have been too lazy to type them. Eh. I suppose since I have started watching a new season on Netflix, I am binge watching. Hello to my new followers I have on this little ol blog. I post a lot of beauty related stuff as well as personal. I will get to following back I just haven’t gotten a chance to go see what your blogs are about. Anyways, this is turning into a diary post. (*laughing out loud) Keep reading to see some of my current updates. I did a giveaway and it ended up being someone who follows me on here. Thanks to all of your sweet comments and suggestions on what you want me to try. I do have several reviews coming including the silicone sponge that I finally got my final thoughts on, a Kylie Jenner lipkit, highlighting palette, a new setting powder, and more skin care.

-i have been to the gym seven whole days in a row now. trying to make this a habit.

-fruit and tajin. i used to eat this a lot. it’s like i rediscovered it.

-i love bike riding. especially downtown.

-new iphone 7plus. who dis?

-on my 9th book out of five zero.

-trying new beers till i find one i can tolerate


-still have E. still madly in love.

-still in school. forever figuring shit out.

-new bed comforter has yellow in it. one of my favorite colors.

-planning mothers day, my moms birthday, my best friends birthday is a headache.

-carter is getting big.

-prom bookings have commenced.

-i want to go back to the wizarding world of harry potter. asap.

-this week i’m buying a season pass to wet-n-wild. tan lines here i come.

-changing my hair color soon.

-found a new pair of lashes i love from eylure

until next time


unnamed (88)

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