Weekend Snapshot: Apr. 7-9th

Friday: I went to work and then headed straight to Eduardo. I had dinner with his family. His Dad made fish and veggies. I also some Lentil soup. His Mom makes that and it is so good. We then headed to my house and changed for the gym. Then we went back to my house and showered and knocked out.

Saturday: Eduardo went to go take his passport picture along with his Dad. I went to the gym and then came home to clean and hit the shower. I watched a ton of Shameless and ate some watermelon with tajin. So bomb. I got ready and headed to E’s house. His family took me to an authentic Colombian restaurant. I finally got to try Banda Paisa and it was so good. I also got to try the empanadas. We went to his house after and watched a movie and then I went home and knocked out.

Sunday: I went to work and then headed home to rest for a while. I went to the 5 o’clock mass with my sister for Palm Sunday. After mass we went back home and E came over since my Mom cooked dinner. I tried a few new beers. Only kinda, sorta liked one. We watched The Passion of Christ and cried our eyes out. E left and I headed to the gym. Went back home and showered. Then I watched another episode of Shameless and knocked out.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Holy Week. Remember God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

until next time


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