Mask Monday: Charcoal and Black Sugar

I thought it was time for another mask Monday. I have been using this at least once a week and I love how my face feels after. I bought this at CVS about a month ago and for seven dollars there’s still enough to last me another two months. So the texture of it feels like a scrub, the smell is amazing, and the hot sensation on your face after you apply it is relaxing. So all you have to do is wet your face and apply a quarter size amount all over the face. I will say because it is grainy that you don’t need to make sure no skin is showing through like other masks. Let it sit for 6 minutes and then massage your skin in circular motions all around with heavy pressure. Rinse with warm water and your skin is all set. It does feel very hot once you apply it on the face so don’t panic. I started freaking out thinking I was having an allergic reaction but I googled it and others said not to worry. They should really put that somewhere on the bottle. I would say that within the second week I noticed my skin felt so good. Shoot me an email if you try it. Trying a new mask for an oily T-Zone next week.

Until next time


img_1070unnamed (37)

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