Night Skin Routine

I use makeup so much and taking care of my skin is a priority. It is not good to go to bed without taking your makeup off. So if I wear makeup I do this routine EVERY time. If I go to bed with my makeup half off then I wake up to a new best friend on my face. Yes, a new pimple that is big enough for someone to say hello to. I only wear a full face of makeup if I am going on a date or if I feel like playing with it. 80% of the time I am walking around with the face the man upstairs gave me. I can count the number of times I have had a pimple and that is not very often. You should take care of your skin. Clean it, hydrate it and love it. I mean you do only get one face in this lifetime. So let me go step by step on my nightly face routine. For clarification, I always do this routine if I wear makeup that day. I also do this routine if I don’t wear any makeup every other day.

Step One: I like to grab everything I am going to use and set it right on the sink. I tend to take my shirt off when I do my routine because I’m not like those YouTuber’s who make it look as if they didn’t drop any water on their clothes. I get water all over my chest so, taking off my shirt is necessary.

Step Two: I take a makeup wipe and wipe all of my makeup off. I do this so I can get most of it off.

Step Three: I wet my face all over.

Step Four: I apply the equate daily facial cleanser and the elf daily facial cleanser combined all over my face.

Step Five: I take my cleansing brush and do circular motions all over my face with the exception of my eyes for 3 minutes. I tend to play a song from my playlist that is roughly 3 minutes. I then start to go over gently on my eyes. I usually sing a happy birthday to myself twice and then I stop.

Step Six: Rinse it all off with warm water.

Step Seven: *THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP* I grab a paper towel ( I already have two in the bathroom with me folded in half) and gently pat dry my face. You want to make sure that you don’t use a towel. If you do, you basically just washed your face for nothing. They contain a bunch of bacteria!

Step Eight: I take two cotton rounds and pour some L’Oreal hydrafresh toner on them and use one for each side of my face and work starting from the forehead to my chin. This just takes any remaining dirt or oil off of your face.

Step Nine: I grab a dime size amount of my Pon’s cream and apply that all over my face.

These steps may seem like a lot but your skin will thank you. Since it is a routine for me I tend to get this done in less than ten minutes. Since I am at the sink I also brush my teeth before bed. I hope you guys enjoyed this routine. If you try it, shoot me an email.

Until next time


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