Weekend Snapshot: Apr. 14-16th

Friday: I spend Good Friday off work. I slept in and then watched movies with my sister for the rest of the day.

Saturday: The family headed to Kemah. I got on a ride and threw up so I left lol. I had a date to Target with E and then a light dinner. I visited one of my close friends and called it a night.

Sunday: HAPPY EASTER! My parents as usual got me a little something for Easter. I think that even when I am old they will do this. I spent the morning and day with my family. I saw E and his family at night and got him to watch Moana. I’m kind of obsessed with this movie. I finally finished Shameless and 13 Reasons on Netflix and now I am needing a new show to binge watch. I can get through seasons pretty fast. I would probably be done with Game Of Thrones if I didn’t promise E I would only watch it with him. We are still on season 1. Any new recommendations? Send me an email with a list of them.

Until next time


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