Two weekends ago I got together with my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend and we had a double date. Our first stop was a Hookah Bar. It was my first time ever being at one and I didn’t think you can get a buzz off of that but boy was I wrong. We then went to Denny’s and finished off with a movie. We saw Unforgettable and it was C R A Z Y. Definitely a must see!

Last weekend I put together a surprise party for my Mom’s birthday. Some of her closest friends gathered from 4-7pm and enjoyed some wine and games. My Mom has aged to perfection and she has always gone above and beyond for my family when it comes to birthdays. I wanted this to be special for her and it was. After the party we got together with E’s parents and went to get the best pizza in town.

Enjoy my photos. Sorry for the late post but I have been busy apartment hunting and adulting. I have several posts coming so thanks for the support and hello to my new followers. Can’t wait to see your pages.

Until next time



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