Review: ABH X Nicole Guerriero

I think that I became obsessed with “Highlighting” without even realizing it about seven years ago. I bought this bronzer that had a matte side and a bright shimmer side. I got it from when I worked at Sally’s from the brand Femme Couture. It was on clearance so that was a bonus. I would apply the darker matte side on my cheek at an angle that started at mid ear. I guess that’s what contouring is now. I would apply the bright shimmer side above that. I always received compliments on it. Now highlighting is such a big deal but I’ll never forget how much I loved my little clearance item that I managed to last for over a year. In March while we were on spring break I got my hands on the only palette I wanted from Anastasia Beverly Hills and that was the Glowkit Palette collaboration with Nicole Guerriero. Let me start out by saying that this palette is EVERYTHING. The brightest shade “Forever Lit,” I use mainly for the inner corner of my eye and sometimes under my brow bone. “Glo Getter” and “143” are very bronzed shades and work really pretty on my skin tone. I use them as my main highlight. Sometimes I mix and use them together. “Daydream” and “Kittykat” I love using under my highlight. The shades are kind of peachy and it looks really flawless under. I use that mostly rather than blush. “Forever Young” I can use on any part of my face. None of them make me look ashy and I glow all day. I have got non stop compliments when I have worn it. Recently it’s the only highlight I have been using. I’m not sure on whether the palette is limited edition but I would get my hands on it! The price point is $40.00 and I would say you get for what you pay for.

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