Barker & Co.

 When it comes to makeup, a lot of people are looking for photographers for weddings, sweet sixteens, baby showers, prom, etc. I have to say they go hand in hand. I decided that I wanted to meet with someone local that really has a passion for this field. I personally was able to witness her in action at a wedding I did makeup for. She went above and beyond for the bride and if I were to get married tomorrow she would be my go to. I met up with her at a Starbucks and here she walks in, in this cute floral dress. I wanted it then and there. She sits with me and we both skip on the coffee. I turn on my recorder and start asking questions. Here are what they were.

What I thought was going to be a quick thirty minute session turned into an hour and a half. We got to really talking about her and her company and she even managed to give me tips on how to work my camera. Everything was an open conversation. I loved every bit of it. She wasn’t being a big secret when it came to me asking about her locations. She was an open diary that I wanted more and more of. I believe that everyone needs a little Sydney in their life. If you’re lucky enough, she can be apart of a big day for you. I believe that if you truly love what you do then you never have to work a day in your life.

 ” My name is Sydney Barker. I am 24 years old. My photography company is Barker and Company.”

What inspires you?

“I like doing photography for the real moments. I don’t like doing things where there’s lots of posing because I think that posing isn’t authentic. I want it to be authentic. I am the person who captures the moments that you’re not thinking about and those moments are what inspires me.”

What are your favorite photo shoots?

“That’s difficult. As stressful as they are, Weddings. Weddings are the absolute best. They’re full of emotion and everyone around them is so emotional. It’s hard for me to be at a wedding and not cry. I don’t even know these people and I’m crying at the Mother/Son dance.”

Where’s your favorite location to take pictures?

“Honestly its downtown Humble. There is hardly ever anyone there and you can literally walk six blocks and have all six different backdrops. There are picket fences and arched doors. There are brick walls or old columns. It’s the most versatile place for me.”

What are some of your short/long-term goals for your company? “

“Short term- I want to at least be booking 3-5 sessions a month. Which right now I’m over that goal but I don’t know what October or November are looking like. So I just want to build the company up enough to where it’s steady. Long term- I really want to go through with expanding Barker & Co. If a bride or somebody comes to me and says they need a photographer, videographer, a coordinator, and a makeup artist, I want to have this whole team that they can trust.”

What camera do you use?

“I use a Nikon D600. Which is considered a full frame camera”

What kind of shoots have you done?

“I’ve done quinces, baby showers, birthdays, retirement parties, newborn, maternity, family sessions, head-shots, and mostly weddings.”

What are your price points on Barker & Co?

“My wedding packages start at $900. That’s for things like Justice of the Peace or small intimate weddings. The packages go up to $2,500. It all depends on how much someone’s looking for, how many photographers they’re looking for. The $2,500 even includes bridals and engagements. It’s like a whole big shabang. Other shoots like maternity sessions are $250 and that includes an hour of unlimited posing and wardrobe changes. I am not one of those photographers that isn’t going to let you jump into a picture. Whatever we can pack into that hour I’m taking. If I put a limit on posing then I feel like that puts too much stress on people.”

The whole interview I did on Sydney was enjoyable. She is a down to earth person and the passion she has for her company is amazing. I will leave her contact information and if you’re needing a photographer give her a call or shoot her an email and go like her page on Facebook.

Until next time


| Barker & Co. | (281) 706- 5806 | | |

Be sure to LIKE her page on FB with the link below


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