Esswest Is Moving ..

I guess the title is kind of deceiving but I am starting a Vlog on YouTube that basically will tie into my Blog. I put a lot of thought into this and you fellow bloggers shared with me that I should and gave me all these reasons and so I am. Yay, Yas, and Yikes. I am not a camera person and I hate having my picture taken so hopefully this will help me overcome my shyness. I wanted to tie my blogs into vlogs. So the weekend snapshot posts will now be little vlogs as well. I got a lot of good feedback on those posts and everyone was interested in little ol me so now you guys can read my posts as well as watch my “Weekend in a Snapshot” Vlogs!! I am also going to be posting the Mask Mondays so you guys can read and see what those are all about. I am going to try and tie in a lot of what I post on here on the YouTube channel. I am new at this so bare with me. I wish I would’ve done this sooner so that I could’ve got the whole Wizarding World of HP on here but that just means I am going to go back and show y’all what that is all about. It was a magical experience and by far my favorite. I am just blabbing but yes. This is happening and I am going to start this weekend so let the adventures and vlogs begin.

Until next time


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