You’re incapable of loving someone else more than you love, you.

That’s ok..

The type of situation turns you bitter. You know better but don’t do better. It’s frustrating seeing through someone but they can’t see themselves. You hold on because you see potential and growth.

Don’t drown yourself in apologizes and wait for the grass to get greener. Chasing the love that makes you hateful because you’ve invested time, You’ll end up resentful.

You only know time when it consist of your you’re too busy and it’s my fault, all collide in one.

Along the lines “I’m not mad but you’re gonna make me mad if you keep asking or I’m not acting that way but if you assume I’m acting that way, I will”
don’t turn your faults on me and blame me for your feelings.

The only issue I ever had was how smoothly you poured your heart onto mine and I kindly accepted..tangled between words and I looked right pasted you.

The one thing I admit to is how willingly I loved you.

I never knew the right words to say sometimes. We argued. Mostly about dumb shit. Shit that didn’t mean anything. I was jealous and yet I still trusted you. You only saw the jealousy.

You didn’t blame me for losing you but you did. I wasn’t the reason but yet again I was. You found a reason to leave me instead of doing it the three months before you actually did.

I’m broken.

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