I’m so grateful for these beautiful souls. Each and every one of them has a special place in my heart. These past couple of weeks haven’t been easy but a your texts, phone calls, and visits have been a blessing. This past weekend they took me out and the hang over was worth it. Especially dancing to the best of the 90’s. Friends are a lifetime. I may not see them everyday or every week but no matter what true friends are there for you. So thank you girls. Thank you for reminding me that I need to love me more than anyone else. I matter. I’m the sun and no one should have the power to take that from me.

Stacie- I met you in cosmetology and you’re one of the few people I know that always tells me how it is. You’re the real deal. I admire you.

Nekissha- You’ve been my best friend for quite sometime now. You make me laugh and you’re always down for anything. No matter what you’re there. I crave you.

Shelby- You bring brightness to my life. You’re my travel lover. You’re always happy to see everyone. I’ve shared many memories with you and they will never stop coming. I love you.

Siria- I met you in college and I’m glad I did. You see the world differently than anyone I know. A true Californian. You’re modest and a badass. I trust you.

Regeria- I’m so thankful to have worked with you over the past years. You’re crazy and you know just want to say to me. My personal therapist. I appreciate you.

I’m healing. I’m trying.

Just know If I loved you, I always will.
Just know If I didn’t get the chance to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
Just know, I’m thankful for everything and everyone I’ve crossed paths with.

Until next time



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