My person

They say a sister is a lifetime friend and I am one to approve that. My sister has always been there from the beginning. She knew about every fight and argument. So when he sent that text to her it completely threw her off guard. I won’t get into any details about that because this isn’t what this blog post is going to be about. That’s in the past and that’s where it’s staying.

Jenna from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you. I didn’t really know the exact words to say to you so I figured I’d put them in a blog.

You are the kind of person that puts up this front that you’re hardcore when deep down you’re just as soft as a teddy bear. You have made some dumb choices in life but don’t ever let that get you down. Not even for a second because truth is, life throws you some crazy ass scenarios and you just have to make best with what you have and roll with the punches. I know that you’re going to go so far in life because you’re so determined. You’re the best sister and friend a gal could ever wish for. When you were little I loved your little hands and face so much. I never wanted to let you get hurt. Even though we fight, as we should, drive each other crazy, make each other cry sometimes, and go at each others throat, we still need each other. Also remember that you’re young. You make mistakes. You’re human. No matter what anyone tells you. Even our parents.

You’ve always been there for me. This time I needed you more than ever and you were there. Through every cry and conversation that I needed to have out loud. You reminded me that I deserve more than what was at hand. You reminded me that life isn’t over because someone doesn’t love me anymore. You told me that I need to love me and that I am the sun. Every back scratch that put me to sleep when I just wanted to cry, helped me. You gave me hope in myself. You gave me a feeling to make me better than I was and better than I am. Thank you for walking me through this heartbreak. Thank you for being here. Thank you for not judging me. Thank you for knowing just the right words to say to me and keeping me sane. I know my friends have checked on me, visited, and slept over but you’ve been here everyday. I love you Jenna Marissa. I really do love you.

Thank you so much. I’m glad I have you unconditionally always and forever.

I loved our Saturday date night. You’ll forever be the one who I can listen to music and dance crazy with. Someone who will save lives. Someone who keeps their promises. Someone who will always be my best friend and person.

until next time




One thought on “My person

  1. I love you so much too. I’m happy how far you’ve come from this obstacle. You are more than everything to me and I’m so happy you’re almost back to your old self.


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