Lit or Shit: NARS Foundation Review

So let me start out by saying that I wanted to splurge a little and treat myself to a foundation other than a drug store one. I went to Sephora with some that I liked that I had in mind. The NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation was my first and last choice. The gal matched me and I left with a sample. I am the shade Barcelona. The shade is medium with olive undertones. It was crazy to me to see how dark I am. I have been wearing a ton of sunscreen and still have been getting dark. I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup because I have been going to the gym and I see that as a waste of foundation. So I waited till the weekend to use the sample and I loved it!

The foundation bottle it comes in has a pump which is good for sanitation reasons. The foundation on my skin was medium to full coverage. I can say that the foundation is build-able so if you’re into full coverage then just add more.  I am good with the medium to full coverage because with this heat I don’t like to wear anything on my face that is heavy. I also noticed that it can be very drying if you just leave it on the skin too long. I don’t recommend leaving it on without blending for more than three minutes. I like to apply three pumps and put dots all over my face with those pumps. Throughout the day, in this heat, the foundation didn’t separate and that’s that I wasn’t even wearing a primer. The second time I wore it I used the Stila one step correct primer and I feel like when I used that it really made the foundation that much better. I’m not saying you have to use that specific primer but I do really enjoy that one.

When I ran out of my sample I went to Sephora and made my purchase. The cashier told me that I had over 3000 points. I wasn’t even aware. I went ahead and saved the points from purchasing the foundation.

Some people can say man you spent how much on the foundation but I’d say that you get what you pay for. The foundation works really good on my skin and I have been using it non stop and I wanted to use it for a while before I did a review because I tend to love things one day and then hate it the next week but this foundation is here to stay. As far as the amount, you get 1 oz for $49.00. My opinion on this is that this foundation can last you a solid three months. I was going to the drug store twice a month for foundation. It will end up saving you in the long run and at least they can face match you so you don’t have to go through the whole trial and error stage of finding the right shade for your skin type.

The foundation is obviously LIT! I am glad I have a new go to. I am going to include some photos of me over the past three weeks of me wearing the foundation. They were all taken in different lighting. Also my favorite lipstick is worn in every picture. Kat Von D, Bow N Arrow.  One night I went out with my friends and the foundation stayed through all of the sweaty dancing.

Let me know any of your favorite foundations! I am always down to try new products.

Until next time,

lots of love




4 thoughts on “Lit or Shit: NARS Foundation Review

  1. Ooh definitely going to try this! I love your positive attitude aswell ahah! What lipstick are you wearing in this pic? Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

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