Part One: Dear Self

Dear self,
It’s okay to feel but it’s not okay to dwell on those feelings. It is what it is and you’re getting over it, stay over it. You don’t need to check on him because he isn’t losing sleep over you. Let those feelings sink into the bottom of your memory. They will be there and they will always remind you of what pain feels like but it’s no reason to keep that feeling alive. It’s okay to love someone that has caused so much pain but you don’t need to tell him. Feel it. When the love is gone and has left your soul, you’ll know what you do and don’t want when that time comes along again. You’ve got to stop worrying about others, worry about you. You have all the potential in the world to get where you need to go- get there. Write more, read more, exercise more, cry more, feel more because in the end it’s always going to be about you. How you grew, how you’re growing and how you lived, love, laughed, and cried. It was all for you to be in a position to love yourself wholeheartedly and it be okay. It’s okay to be selfish. Looking out for yourself and setting goals. Care for yourself. Your well being is and always should be a priority.

Thank you for everyone who has checked up on me and reads my blog and feels something, maybe you’re not going through a break up but whatever the case may be, tomorrow is always a new day. Make it count. Thanks to my friends  for countless texts to help me out of my funk. I know I always say it but it means a lot to me.

Until next time
Lots of love


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