Weekend Snapshot: July 21st-23rd

Friday: I spent the whole day with my Mom and Sister. We ate at Sweet Tomato for the first time and it was amazing. We then went to get more jewelry for our shop. After we went to Barnes and Noble and I picked up a new read. That night I had dinner with my sister and then we went to watch Girl’s Trip and it was a really good movie to watch with your favorite girls.

Saturday: I got to sleep in and then I took care of errands at the house. I headed out around 3:30 pm and I had to change a flat tire to put on my spare and then I went and got a new tire. The guy said all I needed was a plug and that worked for me. I am budgeting myself and have managed to save a lot. So I have more control over where my money goes. I went home after that and did my sisters makeup. I took a shower after that and went to the gym. I then went home and caught up on Vampire Diaries and knocked out.

Sunday: I went to work. After work my sister and I went back to pick up some more pieces because we got a really big order. It was Bella’s birthday. She turned 9 so we picked her up a few things too. I then went to the gym and then went to Kroger and bought everything for my meal prep. I actually spent $33.64, Β for the whole week. That’s breakfast, lunch and, dinner. So that worked out well for me. I am eating very low calories and carbs this week because I am drinking a very high calorie protein shake.

Here’s the YouTube video link to go along with my blog. There’s a few things added that I didn’t include. Enjoy!


until next time

lots of love,


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