Part Two: Dear Self

Dear Self,
Just because you can’t see a huge difference on the scale, I know you’ve slimmed down. You went from a 4X to 2X. Stop buying clothes that make you look bigger. You can feel a difference in your energy. You can see a difference with new stretch marks popping up. You see yourself everyday so it’s hard to really just see change but you know you can feel it. Being your weight now didn’t happen over night, so don’t expect it to go away over night. Don’t be afraid of the gym. People will stare no matter what. All that matters is you being there for yourself. You’re losing it slowly this time, while lifting weights. Don’t ever let the mirror discourage you from what you admire or have the potential to be. At the same time don’t avoid mirrors. Embrace them. You’re changing. You need to see the change. You don’t ever want to go back to who you used to be. You don’t ever need to go back to putting others needs before your own. That includes your family. You need to focus on you and let everything else just fall into place. Right now you may not love every part of you but down the road you will. You’re working your ass off to be someone that you can fully love before giving anyone else that love. Remember that you’re beautiful and a badass bitch.
Until next time
Lots of love


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