Weekend Snapshot: July 28-30th

Friday: I started Friday at 5am with a workout. My mom had a pampered chef party and I made my quinoa black bean enchilada casserole that everyone loved. They couldn’t believe it was all plant-based. I was glad my mom enjoyed herself. I bought something from her and I’m excited to use it. I ended Friday with a workout.

Saturday: I gave my car YoncΓ© some love. I got her oil changed, air filters changed, and a car wash. I then went to pick up something to eat. I got a taco salad and when I pulled up to the window they said it was on them. I thought that was sweet. One of my good friends came over with her son and we caught up for a bit. I was supposed to go to the movies but decided not to. I went to the gym, came home, and knocked out.

Sunday: I went to work and since I didn’t eat dinner I was starving! I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my family for dinner and then we headed to Trader Joe’s for me to buy stuff for my meal prep. I ended Sunday with my sister and mom laying in bed listening to chisme(gossip). I then went to the gym with my sister and caught up with Vampire Diaries.

Overall I had a chill weekend. My weight loss journey is on a roll and I’m only getting stronger, feeling better, and practicing self love.


until next time

lots of love,



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