R & W

Reading and writing have been another thing lately that has been getting me through this hate and broken heart. I connect with books in my own way. I fall in love with words. I get lost in pages. I write my feelings. I express myself. It’s a lot less aggressive than the gym with my workouts but it’s calming. It soothes me. Here are some words that I full on connect with, random parts that stuck out to me the most.


“i had to be hurt by you in order to find my strength.”


“we grew apart, we stopped trying, we were no longer us, we became nothing.”

“i’m attracted to the silence of your absence. at first, the fear was loneliness but I found my peace being away from you.”

“nothing is louder than over thinking after midnight.”

“i hate it, the way the heart takes too long to figure out what the mind already knows.”

“first i missed you then I learned to live without you. i made peace with being alone.”

“he loves you but hurts you. he misses you but never shows up.”

“when you read the words i miss you, pay more attention to the actions that follow, instead of allowing your heart to feel things for the person who at one time broke it.”

“it hurts and i just want to stop thinking about you.”

“i can love you but only from a distance. some people are more lovable when they’re not around.”

“just because you’re broken doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. a moment of weakness doesn’t define your strength.”

“maybe it’s because you’re strong. maybe you hold on because you’re capable of loving him unconditionally and maybe he’s just too weak to appreciate it.”

“you must understand this, a man will never appreciate your love until he begins to value his own. he will never love you entirely until he begins to love himself.”

“when you want love you’ll see it in everything, even when it isn’t there.”

“read more books. drink more water. ignore more texts. say no more often. put yourself first.”

“my own value. i began to see the true value of my own heart. this is when walking away became a bit easier. loving you meant that i didn’t love myself.”

See how well I connect with books. Maybe some of you guys needed to hear this too.

Until next time,

Lots of love,


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