Sponge Review

I am all for affordable makeup. I constantly get asked what do I use to apply my foundation and the answer is a sponge. It’s 2017 and people will still ask me “You use those little white slant sponges?” That’s cool and all but no ma’am. So I use a sponge because that’s my personal preference when applying my foundation and blending out my concealer. Some people use sponges for contouring as well but I find a kabuki brush works well for me when using cream. I am the type to use a cream contour and then I use an angled brush and some powder contour and go over the cream. I guess I’m so used to setting everything that my contour also has to be set. Let me not get off topic though lol. So I have tried many sponges and this sponge is my favorite one. The big orange egg is what I like to call it. The actual name of it is the Miracle Complexion Sponge.

It is rounded with a slant and I have two of them I use. One for my foundation and the pointy side of it is for my concealer. The second sponge I use for my setting powder only. I don’t like for my sponge to have a lot going on so that’s why I keep it separate. I have tried the OG beauty blender and yes it is nice but spending $20 on it every time is annoying and expensive. This sponge is $6 and works like a charm. I find it easy to clean without breaking it apart and applies my foundation on like butter.

I like to start out with cons because the pros are more important. As a fair review the cons to this sponge are that it does stain very easily but that just means to clean it more. I’ve had people tell me that it waste makeup and I can say it all depends on how you apply your makeup. I put dots all over my face and dab it out evenly so I never have that problem. Pros to this sponge are that it blends my makeup evenly, it has a good quality, it is soft, and has a smooth finish. I highly recommend you guys trying a sponge and if you’re looking for a low-priced quality one, give this one a try.

Until next time,

Lots of love,





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