Vol 1: Workouts with Victoria Grace

This past week I had the pleasure in working out with Tia. We met up at my house. She gave me two new things to start taking but I’ll talk about that later. We then headed to the gym. I have a set schedule so it was a push day. When I do push day I do 4 sets of 12 reps of dumbbell bench press and tricep extensions with a rope on the machine two different ways. I usually still feel pretty good after I do that. Tia showed me a ton of new workouts to add and she went into depth with talking to me about everything. I was amazed. I always have a million and one questions about everything. It may be annoying but I like to learn and know about it because I like to have good form and the more I know, the more I’ll want to do it. Tia wasn’t annoyed though, she was very helpful and knowledgeable with everything. At the end of our workout I felt tired. I usually like I said above still feel good but this was a good tired. She made a new schedule for me to start which was so nice of her but I won’t fully start that until we go through everything. I still am going to do my weight routine for now and I’m adding on everything she showed me when we worked out. Next time I see her I am just going to start adding different things and more days. Tia recommended pairing back with biceps, chest with triceps, shoulders with abdominal, and legs get their own day.

I got to show her what I did and then she would show me how to do something then I would do it and we would take turns doing the same thing. The rest periods would be the normal time frame that I would rest anyways so that was good. We both have recently gone through something similar so there was some self-love talk and I enjoyed that as well. For those wondering why lifting weights is important I asked Tia and her response was this, “Lifting weights burns calories and helps you build lean muscles. Your body requires more energy to fuel new muscles. This means that you will lose weight by gaining muscle. In addition to looking toned, you will gain strength.” She literally is goals and so inspiring. She brought me these two tubs. One of them is a pre-workout and the other is cla + carn. This whole area is very new to me and just like lifting weights I had even more questions. So in her words these are what they do. The pre-workout contains caffeine to amp you up and arginine and citrulline are to increase blood flow. The cla + carn breaks up fat and allows your body to burn it as fuel. You lose weight and get energy at the same time.

I was scared to take anything but I actually liked both of them. The flavors were pretty good too. We took the pre-workout 30 minutes before we headed to the gym. I didn’t feel extremely different with the pre-workout but I will say I was more focused, alert, and I talked a lot. The cla + carn made me feel fine as well. The taste of it is much better than the other but I like both. Since I workout twice a day, in the morning I take the pre-workout and at my night-time workout I take the cla + carn. I took that 30 minutes before I went to the gym as well.

Tia is just an awesome person. I’m so happy I have her apart of this journey. I may not get to see her everyday but we agreed to working out together and her showing me new things in the gym. She is a full-time, engineering student at Texas A&M University working part-time at GNC and Gold’s Gym. I plan on making trips to College Station now when she’s free and learning more and more about the gym. I used to be so afraid of the gym. Now I’m taking it on as a new adventure. There’s always more to learn and grow there. It’s a happy place for me now and I love that. Tia also has a blog you guys should go check out and show some love.

Here’s the link –      http://www.gracelift.net/     IG: @gracelift

until next time,

lots of love,





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