Breakfast Lately: Overnight Oats

I got a ton of requests to give the full information on what I have been eating for breakfast these past two weeks. So here it is. It’s simple, light, and refreshing. You can do it a million ways. This is how I do mine.

Ingredients: 1 cup of Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Almond Milk, 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats, a handful of granola, a tsp of coconut, a tsp of chia and flax seeds, half of a banana.

First you’re going to need some Tupperware and a measuring cup. Get half a cup of the oats and put them in the bowl. Then add your tsp of chia and flax seeds. Next you need to add a cup of the almond milk. Then you’re going to want to mix those all together. Cut a banana in half and then into slices and place them all around the oats. Then add a handful of granola and a tsp of coconut.

The total amount of calories are 330. Depending on what you use is how many calories. Don’t forget to add the calories from the chia and flax seeds.

I would suggest only making 2-3 at a time. It can get kind of soggy but I like the crunch so I only make a certain amount at a time.

The YouTube video that goes along to this is down below.

Thanks for all the positive feedback.

Until next time

lots of love,


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