Diet Update: 2 weeks of being Plant Based

These past two weeks haven’t been so hard. I love eating healthy. I love how my body feels lately. I have more energy and it really is an amazing feeling. I can say I workout a whole lot now and with eating better it really has improved my workouts. I meal prep for the week and make several different things in case I get tired of some stuff I can easily switch to something else and it’s all ready prepared I just have to heat it up.

“Omg you’re not eating any meat or dairy?” It sounds like it’s really hard but I slowly have been adjusting to eating healthy. I started with lots of chicken, rice, and broccoli. Then I slowly dropped the chicken and now I am plant-based. I think that the hardest out of everything is cheese. Cheese is like a holy grail. I haven’t found the right cheese I liked yet but this is a process. I have found some stuff I liked a whole lot and then there were things that I would never try again. It’s all give and take.

I have been consuming a ton of beans, nuts, grains, vegetables as my source of protein. I also have been taking vitamins to make sure I’m not missing out on anything like that. I don’t want to end up in the hospital. I can say that my stomach is getting used to eating clean. The other day I had some cheese without thinking and my stomach felt like it was rejecting it. Weird right? My blood pressure has been normal and that goes along with me working out.

I have tried some different vegan burgers such as a black bean and corn one. I will have a recipe for that on here soon. I had vegan pizza which wasn’t too bad. I have tried a soy patty and that one taste really good. I also have tried and loved this brand called Amy’s and she has a variety of vegan meals but the one I tried are the enchiladas. They are gluten and dairy free with low sodium, AKA my kind of meal. I really want to make my own enchiladas so I will find a recipe and tweak it up to stuff that I like in it. At the beginning of the week I always make a fresh batch of beans so I tend to eat that for lunch during the week. I get creative with beans and make different things with them.

So far everything is great and I am slowly seeing results. I have dropped two pant sizes as well as shirt sizes. I feel like I’m shrinking down but my weight loss has to catch up. I have set some high goals. By the end of the first week of September I would like to have dropped 19 more pounds so next week I am running extra cardio and my diet is going to stay the same. I don’t eat bad so I don’t feel it has to change. I know I would like to run more now that my form with lifting weights is better. My family has definitely adjusted to my diet. When I go out to eat with them they always make sure there’s something there that is plant-based that I can eat. I love them even more for that. Even my sister’s boyfriend. Right now I’m surrounding myself with positive people who bring happiness to my life and it makes me extremely happy.

If you ever feel that you want to start a diet, just do it. If you wait till Monday, that Monday will never come. Trust me. Over the years my weight has dropped and I have gained so much. I have started diets and stopped them too many times to count. I have been consistent with this diet and the gym. It takes 21 days to make a habit out of something. I need the gym. My weight loss has been slow but from when I went to the hospital for some stomach problems a while back I have lost some weight. Set small goals and reach them. Then set some new goals and keep going. If you have people in your life that are negative, slowly let them go. Focus on yourself and pray a little more.

Until next time

lots of love,




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