Glam Session: Shelia

I had the pleasure in doing my co workers makeup this past week. She is such a sweet person and always goes above and beyond for everyone that comes into her life. I’m going to list two of the products that I loved on her! Sometimes some products work better on others and then it can be the complete opposite. I used a drug store foundation on her by Maybeline. It’s the Velvet Matte foundation. For me I can’t use this foundation because it’s very drying. Her skin was oily/combination so it worked really good on her. The coverage was buildable and there was no textured foundation on her skin. The second product that I don’t get to use very often was from L’Oréal and it’s the Magic Anti-Redness. She had a ton of red patches all over her face. I decided to color correct so I wouldn’t keep adding on more and more foundation. I feel like if people would color correct right after they moisturize their skin then that would save you foundation and make it less heavy on the skin. This product didn’t leave any green hues and it worked really well into the skin. I hope you guys enjoy these before and afters. I have been doing makeup lately and I forget to take pictures. It’s a really bad habit of mine.

Until next time

lots of love




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