Spots Around Houston: Vegan Pizza

Hey loves! A lot has been going on with Houston having a hurricane that I just wanted to spend some time with my family. I also volunteered at my church. It was so devastating to see so many families lose their homes. I thank God that my family was okay and my house.

I’m back again with a new post. So I am on week 5 of being plant based. I am refraining myself from saying Vegan because people just give this awkward stare. I’m not quite sure if it’s because I’m a “fat” person who is Vegan or because they can’t believe I’m not eating meat. It’s more than that to me. This has been and is going to be a lifestyle change and I love it. I’m not the type to lecture people or shame them for whatever they put into their bodies. I am simply just changing my diet for my health and I document some of it on my blog. This diet so far has been pretty easy. I know I’ve done previous posts on the diet so I won’t prolong what this post is obviously going to be about. I still crave food that I used to eat. I mean I am human. Food was my go to. So when I have to get my fix on a favorite food I somehow find my way working with my diet. The one thing that I found myself craving was Pizza. I found and have tried three spots that carry dairy free cheese and let’s just say it takes some getting used to. The texture of it is what gets me the most but I can say that I did get used to it. Healthy Cow was the first place I tried. It’s a cozy little spot in Houston. You order inside and eat outside. The next place I tried was off the beltway and is MOD Pizza. It is very busy during lunch and this one was better than Healthy Cow. Lastly my favorite out of the three was Mellow Mushroom. The wheat crust was perfect and the non dairy cheese taste  phenomenal. I almost asked what kind it was so that I could try and find the brand but decided not to. I decided that when I craved pizza again I would go there. It could be my little slice of heaven. So the cost of the pizza was around the same at all three places. The crust from the first two was pretty thin. I ordered all of them with a ton of veggies. Overall I don’t crave meat anymore. I love how my body feels. I am glad to actually stick to something and be dedicated to it.



(My brother and I split our pizza so half was my Vegan and the other half was his)


Until next time

lots of love,


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