Now, Later, And Forever

The thing about losing someone from your life is that you lost them. It wasn’t your fault, so don’t blame yourself. Don’t sit around or wait by the phone for them to decide to come back. Keep them blocked. No matter how badly you just want to check on them. Let them stay blocked. They broke you and you’re the one who put yourself back together. Don’t feel bad or sorry for all the ways someone destroyed your heart. Don’t give them the power to disrespect you or anyone you love. Don’t disrespect them, just pray for them. Don’t let the fear of starting over keep you from being great. Know your worth, pursue your passions, accept your struggles, let your pain shape you and love transform you. Instead of seeking revenge, be single until you find the one who motivates you to become the best version of yourself. Free your mind and stay positive. Throughout these last couple of months, I really let myself feel everything I needed to feel. I didn’t keep things bottled up and if I needed to cry, I cried like a baby. Luckily I had family and friends there for me. If you don’t allow yourself to feel, you will never be able to move on. You will never be able to accept what happened and replay what you could’ve done better. From my own experience I took my feelings out at the gym and now here I am pounds lighter and stronger. Physically and emotionally. I am happy with myself and I love the shit out of myself. My life is getting back on track and I’m not fixated on being in a relationship or worried about if someone won’t love me. I love me enough. I let bygones be bygones. Never depend on someone else for your happiness, create it for yourself. Be your own soul mate. If I learned anything going through this, it’s to fully love yourself. I say this time and time again but I love myself now and a month or year from now when I’m forty or a hundred pounds lighter I will look back at this and see how hard I worked. I will see how much I loved myself. Self love isn’t about loving yourself later on in life or picking and choosing when you decide to. It’s about loving yourself right now, later, and forever.

Until next time

lots of love,



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