So I have some posts coming about a new highlight and a silicone sponge. I have been really busy with life y’all. It’s a good kind of busy though. Work, school, gym, family, freelancing, more work, it just has been a lot. But thank you to everyone who still keeps up with my blog and YouTube account that goes along with this! I really appreciate it. Okay now onto why I’m doing a random Tuesday post. Well first off Happy 20th Birthday to my baby sister. She’s the best. I love her to pieces. Okay now let me get to this short and simple post. I MADE IT ON THE TOP 5 ON MY GYM BOARD!!!!!!! You guys have no idea how much this makes my soul happy. I’ve been working my ass off. It takes a lot for people to make this board!!!! You have to literally go everyday and keep it consistent. This past weekend I didn’t go to the gym two days in a row because I got so frustrated with how slow my weight loss is going. I felt that way because I haven’t eaten bad in months and have stuck to my diet, I’m  constantly at the gym, and then lose so little. I was super pissed about it. I know losing weight doesn’t happen over night and I will never give up on myself. So I went back to the gym yesterday with a positive mindset. I ran two miles and it felt good. I have gotten really fast at doing my miles. Learning how to control my breathing was the most crucial part. I then went to fitness connection and worked out there too. Today I get to the gym and Vince the manager tells me Congrats and I was confused at first and then he told me I made Top 5. That I should be proud. I feel like that was the universe telling me to never doubt my progress and to keep going hard. There are days when I am tired especially having to go to work at six in the morning everyday except Thursday’s. I just want to go home in the afternoon for a nap. Instead I take my ass to the gym and workout. The Nike Run app is a life saver! I even bought the band to go with it so it’s very accurate. It’s just like a fit bit but better. I’m so dedicated that these past couple of months when I went out-of-town, I  made sure the hotels I stayed at had a gym. I have switched up my gym routine so I will do a new post on that. I’m so comfortable with my gym and the people there are super nice. I used to be so scared of people looking at me but I quickly got over that fear. I go alone and it doesn’t have me scared. So that’s all for this random post. If you’re on a journey, doesn’t have to be weight loss, never ever give up on yourself.

Until next time

lots of love,





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